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Starting a blog can be very easy, considering all of the free blogging sites out there. However, choosing between all of the best blogging sites can seem a bit confusing, especially if you are a first time blogger. That is why I have taken the time, after much research and digging, to compile a list of the top 10 best blogging sites.

#1 WordPress

wordpress logo 150x150 The Best Blogging Sites and Platforms | Top Blog SitesAs far as theme and plugin selection, flexibility and support goes — WordPress trumps all.  Not only does the free, open-source blogging software allow you to blog for free on but you can also download a copy of WordPress (from and install it on your own website using your own domain (like this website). WordPress is by far the most popular blogging platform and one of the first to be completely user friendly — you do not need any coding experience to operate a WordPress blog. From optimizing your blog’s pages for search engines (for more traffic) to automatically creating share buttons at the bottom of each of your posts: WordPress plugins can do it all. Designing your own WordPress theme is simple and easy and you do not need to be experienced with PHP, although it is recommended that you have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS if you want to alter your templates. Premium themes (paid for) make it possible for you to create entirely custom themes without even knowing one line of HTML/CSS code. You cannot place advertisements for your blog on free blogs hosted at but you can easily place advertisements on blogs that are self-hosted. Support for WordPress at the forums are above par as you will usually get a response for a question within minutes. WordPress is used by top bloggers like Perez Hilton, Darren Rowse, Chris Brogan and Michelle Malkin.

#2 Google Blogger

blogger logo 150x150 The Best Blogging Sites and Platforms | Top Blog SitesNow owned by Google and formerly known as Blogspot, Blogger is probably the most user friendly blogging platform out there. You can set up as many free blogs as you would like from your Google account. Traffic that you get from other blogs at through the next blog button at the top of every blog can sometimes be substantial. You can even monetize your blog with Google AdSense. All you need is an AdSense account (from Google) and you can start earning money from people who click on your ads. Unfortunately there is only 16 templates to choose from (the we-know-better Google likes to keep things simple) but blogger does allow you to edit individual elements on your blog like the header, post section and gadget bar (sidebar) in your admin control panel. Popular blogs hosted at include PostSecret and The Sartorialist.

#3 TypePad

typepad logo The Best Blogging Sites and Platforms | Top Blog SitesTypePad is another blogging site that has gained a reputation through its user friendly interface and ease of use. TypePad gives your blog search engine friendly URLs and will automatically optimize your site for better search engine rankings. You can map your own domain to your TypePad blog or you can host your blog through a sub-domain at The TypePad software also has very good anti-comment spam features. Unfortunately you must pay a fee of $8.95 per month to use TypePad and, even at that price, you are only allowed three blogs. You can have unlimited blogs by purchasing an unlimited or business class account. Popular blogs that use TypePad include: Seth’s blog, Wired Science and The Daily Dish.

#4 Movable Type

movable type logo 150x150 The Best Blogging Sites and Platforms | Top Blog SitesMovableType, written in PERL, is another open source blogging platform developed by the company Six Apart (the former owner of LiveJournal). Similar to WordPress, Movable Type offers a free self-hosted package ( as well as a service for non-developers who would like to host their blog for free ( MovableType users can publish as many blogs as they would like and can even publish standalone content pages (something unique to blog platforms). Like WordPress, you can have multiple user accounts on your MovableType blog. Prominent blogs that use MovableType include: The Huffington Post, Power Line Blog and Boing Boing.

#5 LiveJournal

livejournal logo 150x150 The Best Blogging Sites and Platforms | Top Blog SitesLiveJournal, formerly owned by Six Apart and written in PERL, differs from other major blog platforms because of its unique community feel and social networking features. The “friends list” provides a way for people who have LiveJournal accounts to connect with each other and a friends page displays a feed of LiveJournal posts (or “entries”) made by friends. One bad thing about LiveJournal is the fact that you must display advertisements (from LiveJournal) even if you upgrade to a Plus account. Plus users are able to change the display option for the advertisements as well as store and manage photos (not an available option in the free version) and create post polls and surveys. If you would like to go advertisement-free, you need to upgrade to a Paid account ($20 per year) which gives you many more features like creating new syndication accounts and creating a custom journal design with advanced options.

#6 Drupal

drupal logo 150x150 The Best Blogging Sites and Platforms | Top Blog SitesAlthough Drupal is more a general purpose content management system, people often use it for blogs. The CMS is free and open source but you will need to host the blog on your own website. Drupal has a very large open source community so there are many templates available from contributors and the Drupal development team. Installing Drupal is easy and as simple as downloading the core files, uploading them to your host, creating a MySQL database and then running the install script (similar to WordPress). Drupal also has a wide variety of modules (the equivalent of plugins for WordPress) that allow you to add and alter functionalities on your site such as image galleries, WYSWIG (what you see is what you get) editors and private messaging. The White House NewsBusters and Doose all use the Drupal content management software.

#7 Xanga

Xanga logo 150x150 The Best Blogging Sites and Platforms | Top Blog SitesXanga started as a site for sharing book, music and movie review but has since evolved into a full-force blogging platform. Xanga is free but with the premium/plus versions you are given more publishing and design options, bandwidth and storage space. You can use Xanga on your own domain (as opposed to using a sub-domain of Xanga) and, because Xanga uses domain mapping, your domain will have free WHOIS protection, which means people cannot learn your contact information by doing a WHOIS search on your domain (a service that usually costs $10 per year). As far as user-friendliness goes, creating an Xanga blog is as easy as creating a Facebook or MySpace page — there’s nothing to it!

#8 Textpattern

textpattern logo The Best Blogging Sites and Platforms | Top Blog SitesTextpattern is another free, easy to use CMS that is relatively little-known. Similar to WordPress and Movable Type, Textpattern is built with PHP and MySQL. A wide variety of plugins and templates are available through the open source community. One unique feature of the Textpattern CMS is the textile tool which, dubbed the “human Web text generator,” converts text input into valid XHTML. Textpattern was designed specifically for people who do not have a strong knowledge of HTML.

#9 Tripod

tripod logo1 The Best Blogging Sites and Platforms | Top Blog SitesTripod, created by the underdog search engine Lycos, is a web hosting service and content management system for blogs and websites that operate under free, plus or pro accounts. The software is not open source but incredibly stream-lined and easy to use with a wide variety of professionally designed templates to choose from for your blog or website. The free account is only allowed 20GB of disk space, 1GB of monthly bandwidth and you must run ads by Tripod unless you upgrade to a Plus account.

#10 Squarespace

squarespace logo1 The Best Blogging Sites and Platforms | Top Blog SitesSimilar to Tripod, Squarespace is a hosting service that comes with an easy to use, closed-source content management system for blogs and websites. Despite being at the bottom of my list, Squarespace offers some promising features, including an iphone app to view and edit your site, dozens of professionally designed templates, social media integration and an importation tool if you would like to move your blog from WordPress, TypePad or Blogger. The trial version of SquareSpace lasts 14 days and the basic package costs $8 per month. More expensive packages (like the $50 community package) allow more bandwidth usage, disk space, custom URLs and other functionalities.

  • tirmizi

    Great list !!! Thanks

    • subhankar

      WordPress is my favourite – check out the great themes you can get, like mine! The software is far superior to Joomla in terms of SEO optimisation and looks better than Blogger.

  • Shiva | Web Magazine

    WordPress is the best of them all. I prefer self hosted ones like WordPress, Moveable Type to Hosted ones like Blogerr. I think you missed few of the best Serendipity and B2Evolution

    • Gabriella

      I created my blog page on (which is great) but when i want to post a new post, the page just keeps loading and I cannot type in the space. Why is this ? Has anyone else had issues with this ? All I want to do is blog and now the site is not letting me… *frustrating !

      • zingalvs

        how is it now? still got problems?
        blogger’s all fine, but can you give details about it?

  • Kristen

    This is a great list thanks! Have you heard of They are another great blogging site that is worthy of this list.

  • Willbfree1

    This is a great list and the information about each one is right on. There were 3 on the list that were new to me. I will be definitely check them out.

  • Matt

    Thanks for this list. Yes, Blogger is certainly very user-friendly. And it’s not going anywhere, too. I’ve used it for various blogs for years.

    There’s another one that I like which is Blog-City. It’s really reliable and user-friendly. However, sadly it’s going to close up shop in a year or so.

    Tumblr is also good, although that’s more a micro-blogging platform.

    • anthony

      Really i were wondering for this type of site only thanks for sharing this information

  • AudiNewCar

    Currently, I’m using alots, and want to try hosting my blog and migrate to wordpress. But, I’m lack of knowledge and inexperience using wordpress

    • markleob

      if you know how to use blogger then you also know how to use wordpress since they are almost a like. the difference is you can monetize blogger while you cant in wordpress. design wise, wordpress dominates.

  • Martin Preisler

    Too my WordPress has been excellent so far, but it looks as though it may be smarter to integrate it with my blog on my website instead. I am simply loosing too much traffic, so that is the way forward. I am going to miss my blog. :(

    • markleob

      actually you can install wordpress in your ftp. you can have your website run by wordpress..

  • Steven

    wordpress has got so many plugins and themes, I’m thinking about using it to do a cms. I have never done that before and got a lot to learn.

  • yolanda

    I have two wordpress blogs, I can frequently receive comments, but most of them seems to be spams,maybe other SEOers use certain software to submit commets, could you please tell me how to avoid them?

  • gastia

    I know this site using WP, WP is free software and ready to be BEST Bloging software, because all plugin is ready to use.. but lately they try to be CMS (Not always as Blog Software).

    But I like Drupal software, because you could make CMS, MULTISITE, blog, forum in one software.
    And Drupal has scalable option to make Site/blog with numerous of visitor.

  • Naveen Kulkarni

    I used blogger in my earlier days of blogging. However, I moved to wordpress. I feel wordpress is great since there is lot of support of plugins and themes.
    Blogger is user friendly and easily to manage

  • Prashant Rohilla

    i think blogger is a great platform to launch yourself through minimal effort, i have the same, wordpress is a second step when you become familiar to blog world.

  • Rockkid

    I would avoid WordPress at all costs. In terms of “support”, WordPress has to be the worst. I was turned off WordPress almost immediately, due to its so-called support being manned by just about anybody. Either that or it is WordPress themselves who are generally rude, obnoxious, insulting idiots, without any provocation whatsoever.

  • aupairstories

    I am using WordPress since a month by now. I am very satisfied and impressed how easy the whole set up is. Absolutely love it and totally agree on wordpress being number one!

  • Joe James

    oh wait, this is just a list of blogging site. I didn’t know that

  • ZACH

    WordPress is the best. ~ZW

  • Tatiana @ Maddie’s Adventures

    Go WordPress! Love it… My blog is WP and I’m a big fan.

  • Veda Horner

    Great list thanks.

    I am a new blooger and use WordPress which is great.

  • Blogger Tips SEO Tricks

    I create accounts in Blogger and WordPress since I am my self web designer so I try to change my templates with my own design so what a shit in wordpress I can not change the CSS part of it without upgrading account but in Blogger we can do anything whatever we want to do and Google says that this is your blog so do what do you with your blog. now I have changed my blogger templates with my own design and host all images to Blogger because Blogger gives me unlimited bandwidth and doesn’t matter how much traffic we have which others doesn’t have. Some plugins makes extra smart to wordpress but if you know SEO Blogger then you can make your Blogger smarter than the rest. I love only to Blogger because when I was no money to purchase custom domain then still I was the owner of my blog because I was use it as I want to do. I Love Blogger.

  • Bloger girl


  • Will Robinson

    Wow! Bloger girl. You made me a believer that is a very impressive looking site that you have on Tumblr.We might have to add Tumblr to this list.

  • Jazzy

    I like wordpress . Thats best for blogging

  • Michal

    Yes Tumblr grows like crazy and it’s a no.1 to add to this list. BTW awsome list and very valuable! Thank You :)

  • Romeo

    Yes, WordPress is the best for blogging.

  • food online

    I think the best one is the blogging that customizable and many plugin for serving the owner of blog. And the important is easy to use, WordPress is the right choice for people who don’t even know how to programming.

  • TamilianPonnu

    Tumblr is awesome, fabulous themes however the downside of the new blog is customization of CSS which is required for the sidebar. Customizing your blog without being acquainted with the html codes is a pretty tough job. Tutorial in Tumblr does not offer much info. It’s not very easy to tweak unless you have a firsthand knowledge in customizing CSS templates. And for the inexperienced bloggers, poor fellas have to get stuck with the pre-designed templates that Tumblr offers but they do have a great collection of themes.

    Hey, give us a list of Vlog please!

  • karen

    i say wordpress comes in first,
    i love it , alittle tecky to set up, but they have a great free forum on there site, i got lots of help setting up as a newbee.

    blogger comes in second.
    its right up there with wordpress.
    alls you need is a gmail email account with google.
    super easy to set up and learn.
    lets you put up video and pics, one time i had a music playlist in one of my blogs on it, it was a widget from “”. i tried to do that on wordpress, but could not figure that one out yet.

  • tikijobs

    I think Drupal is best if you want more than blogging.

  • Dana

    Have tried them all. Blogger, to me, is by far easier. You can design your own. It’s free. You don’t have to worry about groups but can network as much as you like. I was not impressed with WordPress at all and I really gave it a shot like two or three times. It was just more of a hassle than what it was worth.

  • Payne Tyler

    Blogger is My Favorite

  • http://www, mushtaque

    good and common list,
    smart people start with blogger and than moves to
    wordpress,wait till blogger provides all wordpress
    happy blogging

  • chin acne

    I personally love wordpress. I am using them with self hosting. Basically the same as wordpress shared blogs. So easy to use and plenty of plugins to go with it. Go wordpress! Great list by the way :)

  • Suraj

    Reading your post i came to know the different kind of platforms used for blogging, well i prefer wordpress is the best one, but we should not forget blogger as it was very much famous and used by many people before wordpress came into existence.

  • Florin

    If someone could wants to set up a blog really fast the best platforms are WordPress and Blogger, as you posted Chris.
    I personally love because if you know a little php, html and css , you can change your themes, modify the dashboard and also create a plugin. Awesome.

    Thanks and good luck

  • Stephanie

    I googled this question and this article was the best I’ve found. Thanks for the info/rankings! Time to blog!

  • gabbyur24

    I cannot get to Google’s login page regardless of where I try it – my Blog, at Blogger’s homepage, YouTube, Google’s homepage, my account verification link, etc. I’ve tried it in both I.E. and FireFox. All I get when I click Sign-In is a page that says “Oops The page you are looking for does not exist”. That’s pretty wild when I do a Google search and they can’t even find their own Login page. Why do you think this is happening? It just started recently.

  • Ed

    As you have it stated, for me, the best blogging platform is WordPress. In second place, although not a blogging platform, i like a few joomla components for blogging. But yeah, wordpress is the best in terms of seo, for traffic. Joomla and the others, not so much.

  • Okulary Ray Ban

    I still think that wordpress is the best platform although I tend to steer away from the free version due to it’s limitations and use the hosted version where I have full control over the site..but being honest, I am none too familiar with the other platforms that you mention, so unable to offer an opinion.

    • Reza

      Read your post.
      Different people use different Platform
      I prefer them blogging and WordPress but read your post try to use more platform.

  • Eisen

    good list but the best for me is google blogger

  • thilanka

    WordPress is the press

  • Suzanne Day

    WordPress is my favourite – check out the great themes you can get, like mine! The software is far superior to Joomla in terms of SEO optimisation and looks better than Blogger.

  • Naser Mohd Baig

    East or West, WordPress is the best. I love WordPress, highly customize-able.

  • ricardo_ortiz

    I do love google blogger, and squido ( too. easy to use and customizable as well.

  • sherril

    somebody tolld me that squido are good but i havent tried yet.maybe nextime im gonna use it

  • Jw

    I was a little surprised that tumblr didn’t make the list… but I suppose it depends on the sort of blogging one plans to do. I also use Blogger and both AND platforms. Good list, though – I’m going to consider branching out into another platform or two.

  • sachin

    i m new to bloggin ..and i use wordpress..i dont have my own domain i still use “.wordpress” site..some body pls tell me that , is it possible to get ad-sense approval for my blog.with out upgrading into own domain

    • Duc

      Yes you can for sure.

      Just create a site with good content and your site will be approved.

  • Tom

    This is a great post I personally use google blogger but I have not tried any other. Can anyone help me get more traffic to my site at least some advise or something because im new and need help thank you

  • suhail khan

    I like wordpress – check out the great themes you can get, like mine! The software is far superior to Joomla in terms of SEO optimisation and looks better than Blogger.

  • Hemendra Kumar Saini

    Yep, I have checked the Textpattern, they are growing really fast.

    Great list indeed

  • Ben Racicot

    I’d have to recommend WordPress for a long term project. My personal blog is the only one on Blogger. It works but options are a bit limited compared to WordPress themes.

  • larrynfl

    Nice list. The comment about wordpress having good support I can’t agree with. I have been trying to get them to reply to me for 2 months with no answer. I couldn’t recommend it to anyone because if they spent a lot of time and effort developing their blog they wouldn’t want to have put all the work into it for nothing. The only thing I liked about wordpress over the others when I was deciding which one to use was the fact that I didn’t see ads posted on wordpress blogs I checked out. Would love to know if anyone knows of another free blog site that has no ads.

  • Elise

    Great list, exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

  • http://Blogger Sean

    I think blogger is terrible, can’t contact them, can’t see blogs when searching internet.

  • Anne McAllister

    Helpful post. Thank you. Am just setting up a few more blogs and wanted to try other platforms, so I now have a list to chose from.


  • pushpendra mishra

    The comment about wordpress having good support I can’t agree with.I think blogger is terrible, can’t contact them, can’t see blogs when searching internet.That’s my Idia for making diffrent on the blog.

  • Pano Kontogiannis

    I love WordPress and Blogspot. WP gives freedom and creativity and Blogger is for small, fast blogs for satellites.

  • vision

    If I wist to write a blog that can be accessible by a lot of people(free – easy to find and known) where should I write>>>???
    putting in mind that I’m a beginner (in blogging that is)..

    and if possible who can I turn for help, a name, e-mail, or a number would do…

    • Duc

      WordPress is the best IMO

      • vision

        thank u duc : )